The design of Unipörs, the Wearable Lifehack, was made in cooperation between Adrenalena (Ateljé Ängsjödal) and Sofie.

The Unipörs keeps all of your valuables close to you - and hides them from pickpockets. A combination of a shoulder holster and an inner pocket, it can be worn under a jacket, blazer, or cardigan without being visible - unless you want to show it off! Unipörs is a premium accessory and can be worn with business attire or a gala outfit. So if you're tired of backpacks, fannypacks, purses, bulging pockets and forgetting stuff in your jacket, then Unipörs is the lifehack for you. 

A Unipörs consists of one adjustable strap and two pockets. One pocket has a snap button on top, and an outer pocket with zipper. The other one has a zipper on top, and a small outer pocket, closing with magnet or a snap button.

The available models are: Casual, Tacticool, Business, and Fab.

They were created and perfected 2017-2018.

Photo creds: Linda Holmkratz

Unipörs design

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